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Creative Services Director

Sinclair Broadcast Group | KBOI CBS2 and KYUU The Treasure Valley CW

February 2017 – Present | Boise, ID

• I’ve generated positive growth across many of our time periods. Including 400% growth of our morning news show.
• Developed morning and evening news promos and trained staff on how to write and produce them.
• Established guidelines and procedures within the Creative Services Department that eliminated many miscommunication, scheduling, and focus issues.
• On pace to generate $20,000+ in revenue from commercial production. Up from zero dollars in prior years.
• Established community partnerships with Saint Alphonsus, Freak Alley Gallery, Capitol City Public Market, and many other Treasure Valley staples.
• Established a multi-platform promotional strategy utilizing digital, print, OTT, and on-air


Creative Services Director

Sinclair Broadcast Group | WPDE ABC15 and WWMB CW21

December 2014 – 2017 | Myrtle Beach, SC

• Moved our morning news, Good Morning Carolinas, to #1 within 14 months using focused promotion backed by high level production.
• Had a streak of 6 consecutive ratings books with positive growth across most time periods. Up to 100% growth depending on the hour. I attribute our success to:
o Smart and unique news image campaigns
o Revamped news topical production that engages the audience and entices them to watch
o High-quality production
o Proper placement of promotional spots across all platforms – television, radio, digital, print, and mobile
o Smart use of trade with radio and cable partners
o Leveraging all assets provided by syndicators and networks to engage viewers with contests, and giveaways
o Smart use of social media to carry audience from screen to screen
• Established guidelines and procedures within the Creative Services Department that eliminated many miscommunication, scheduling, and focus issues.
• Fostered an environment of learning and growth within the Creative Services Department.
• Integral part of WPDE | WWMB’s 93% client retention rate.
• Successfully managed Promotions Department through HD transition, graphics and logo change, and launch of new 5PM newscast. Success is quantified by:
o An increase in production value, and zero downtime through HD transition
o Seamless transition of on-air material – news, promotional, commercial – and all station assets – vehicles, signage, clothing, etc., through graphics and logo change
o Leveraged cable and radio trade, as well as, station inventory to launch the all new ABC15 News at Five
• Strengthened and established station community presence with many local organizations including, but not limited to The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand, March of Dimes, Alzheimer’s Association, Help 4 kids, and Toys for Tots.
• Managed and made best use of the Creative Services Department budget with useful equipment purchases, smart management of promotional budget, and sensible capital requests.


Creative Services Writer/Producer

Meredith Corporation | WHNS Fox Carolina

April 2013 – December 2014 | Greenville, SC

My position required that I be a flexible member of the Creative Services team.
• Since joining the Creative Services department, Fox Carolina’s ratings increased 75% to over 300%, depending on the time period, for 4 straight ratings books. This is in large part to well planned and executed image campaigns utilizing print, television, radio and new media.
• Organized, wrote, designed, and produced our station style guide. It encompasses all our station creative – from sales presentations, and email signatures to news and syndication on-air promotion.
• Update our station graphics across various platforms- broadcast, web, and print, to align with current design trends while adhering to sound principles of design. This includes manipulating and localizing network graphics to fit our DMA.
• Responsible for generating new and effective ways of promoting our station, on-air talent, and programming. Write, direct, and produce image spots that draw viewers to our station while identifying them with our on-air talent.
• Write, direct, and produce commercial spots for high-profile, and demanding clients that accurately portray their businesses and over-achieve their ROI.


Multimedia Specialist

Qorvo, Inc. (formerly RFMD)

August 2011 – January 2013 | Greensboro, NC

• Coordinated and produced informative, visually appealing promotional videos for both RFMD corporate, as well as, all of RFMD’s products. Clean, dynamic, easy-to-follow videos took the company from zero video presence to being spotlighted multiples times on EngineeringTV.com.
• Created a highly visited YouTube channel, and incorporated video into the RFMD website.
• Built and outfitted a production studio within budget, and managed production of many videos requiring footage from all over the world.
• Wrote all scripts for our corporate videos and did many of the voice-overs.
• Created eye-catching videos that were featured within our trade show booths worldwide.
• Proven success as more and more clients looked to the product videos than to white papers and data sheets for information.
• Responsible for increasing the click-thru rate of our advertising banners on trade sites by producing intelligent, animated flash banners.


Art Director

Sinclair Broadcast Group | WXLV ABC45 and WMYV My48

July 2006 – August 2011 | Winston-Salem, NC

Though my official title may have been Art Director, my wide range of experience put me in a unique position that required me to wear many hats.
• Updated our station graphics across all platforms- broadcast, web, print and mobile, to reflect more contemporary design standards.
• Brainstormed with the station’s Promotions Manager to effectively write and produce station image spots and show promos. This included serving as the Promotions Department videographer.
• Refined client spots for our Commercial Production department to make our clients advertising stand out from the crowd and be more effective.
• Created graphics packages for our new shows and series that were eye-catching and relevant.
• Managed our station websites, and successfully increased the sites uniques by more than 50% through innovative contests, exclusive video content, and sensible navigation.


Commercial Producer/Director

Sinclair Broadcast Group | WXLV ABC45 and WMYV My48

February 2006 – July 2007 | Winston-Salem, NC

• Consistently produced professional and creative commercials for air.
• Made each client stand out in a cluttered landscape of local advertising using writing that accurately and creatively portrayed our clients products and services, innovative camera shots and tight editing.


Newscast Director/General Assignment Reporter

Sinclair Broadcast Group | WEAR ABC3

May 2000 – February 2006 | Pensacola, FL

As Newscast Director, I was a rock – a solid foundation for our newscasts!
• Consistently punched clean shows even when the world was breaking apart around me. In the midst of breaking news- whether shark attacks, hurricanes or even our annual live broadcast from Pensacola Beach, I kept a cool head and delivered a superior on-air product.
• When not directing a live broadcast,I created all of our news topical graphics as well as our entire news graphics package.

I am not a person that likes to remain stagnant in my career or in my pursuit to expand my abilities.
• In 2002, started writing vo and vo/sots for our newscasts. Within a year, was splitting my week between newscast directing and reporting.
• Wrote, shot and edited timely stories in the areas of politics, sports, and community events.
• Ultimately, as my graphic design responsibilities increased, I moved away from reporting. In my fifteen months as a reporter,I was able to positively impact our newsroom and newscasts through compelling storytelling, gripping video and tight editing. I am also very proud of the fact that I was able to gain the respect and trust of the anchors, producers and other reporters in a very competitive newsroom.